Cycling Connects

CUEVA Bikes | Spain 🇪🇸



CUEVA BIKES was born with the main mission of create unique bikes to real cycling enthusiasts. Thinking on these select cyclists, they articulate their products with the best materials and processes. The CUEVA products are therefore the result of an absolute dedication and an unconditional love for cycling.

Created at a University Campus in Stuttgart, Germany, home of engineering and technology, after a long research project. In 2013 the project come back to Spain with the challenge of...

Kenji Muto | Nagoya, Japan 🇯🇵

Shot by Mike Dann

Name/City: Kenji Muto Quiróz | Nagoya, Japan

Type of cycling you do: Fixed gear mostly.

Tell us a little about the cycling culture in Japan: Japan has a vast cycling culture. From Road to Track. Cycling culture is everywhere in Japan. On the streets, at the countless bike shops and even on Japanese comics (Manga). Also Keirin (Japanese track race) has a lot of popularity among old and young people. The olders go to Keirin track to bet on the racers. The...

Roman Siromakha | New York, USA 🇺🇸

My name is Roman. I am not your average cyclist. Matter of fact, I’m fairly new to the sport. Cycling for me started as a hobby and evolved into a lifestyle. My life motto is to make the most out of each day. Don’t sit at home. Go out for a spin.

Cycling in New York City can be stressful. The city itself is huge and the population is even bigger. We have the morning traffic, the commuters...

The Beginning of Something Bigger


A single idea begins with a passion.

Every passion is unique to each person, culture, sub-culture, and geographic location. As individuals, we all go about our daily lives in our own ways and live them as we see fit. We are all responsible for our own decisions and we choose our own journey.

Often times in life an individual finds themselves immersed into something. This something can be a short-lived object of fixation or it can develop into a long-lived passion.

For us, cycling...