About us

We are a creative cycling project founded in Brooklyn, New York, representing and connecting different cultures around the world. 

Our vision:

From day one, everything that has occurred came from a desire to celebrate the power and talent of people as individuals and the fight to create your own journey.

Each project that we engage in comes from the connections we have with like-minded people with whom we have crossed paths and who have become like family. Whether it is through the mutual respect and admiration of cycling and creativity or the desire to support a person with potential and drive.  

We value people who genuinely contribute to the culture from which they come.  These people, experienced or novices,  give us the strength for the project.  We respect and admire these people and, ultimately, we love working with them.  

We have established our identity by bringing together the essence and the core of different cultures for a single project.

We combine all of the necessary elements to contribute to the growth of unique cultures and to have results that change the way people think about cycling.  Results that encourage the cycling community to grow.

We aspire to meet people as passionate about cycling and creativity as we are.

It is a great privilege to channel all of this energy to support people who are looking to offer more to this culture, this movement and this way of life.

There is something pretty amazing about being able to give back to the culture and community of the city.  To see it flourish through perseverance, hard work and dedication of the people who are involved in this project and who have made our vision possible.