The Beginning of Something Bigger


A single idea begins with a passion.

Every passion is unique to each person, culture, sub-culture, and geographic location. As individuals, we all go about our daily lives in our own ways and live them as we see fit. We are all responsible for our own decisions and we choose our own journey.

Often times in life an individual finds themselves immersed into something. This something can be a short-lived object of fixation or it can develop into a long-lived passion.

For us, cycling transformed our way of living and altered how we view the world. It introduced to us a community that we find warm, supportive, and challenging all at the same time. It pushes our limits and shows us what the human body is capable of doing. Also, it continues to teach us who we are as individuals.

What we saw in this community is the ability to share common experiences with someone across the world. The idea that someone thousands of miles away lives for the same thing that you do.

With this project, we want to connect those cultures. We want to bring light to cycling cultures all over the world and to be a place to share the uniqueness of each. We are lucky to have such amazing friends to help us start this journey and can't wait to share with the world the things we have planned.

The NVAYRK team.

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