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CUEVA BIKES was born with the main mission of create unique bikes to real cycling enthusiasts. Thinking on these select cyclists, they articulate their products with the best materials and processes. The CUEVA products are therefore the result of an absolute dedication and an unconditional love for cycling.

Created at a University Campus in Stuttgart, Germany, home of engineering and technology, after a long research project. In 2013 the project come back to Spain with the challenge of model and fabricate a high performance brand. The mission was to advance as a new style of cycling mixing high performance frames and shocking designs.



Currently their headquarter is located in Spain where the Research & Development department leads the new trends and tests future models. The manufacturing process of CUEVA BIKES is fully handmade in Italy by renowned craftsmen following the guidelines of the R&D department. The materials used are always the best in the market - from aluminum to carbon fiber which are guaranteed for the best riding experience.




Cueva uses the best materials, from the famous alloy of Columbus Airplane 7005 series with heat treatment T6 far superior to the 6061 alloy, to the exclusive HR40 carbon fiber.

 All their frames are handmade by the best Italian artisans who are able to combine in a single bicycle the cycling tradition with edge processes and designs.

 They believe that the weight of their products is very important and they work very hard to (without reducing the stiffness of the bike) offer the lowest weights across the range of the market.



The geometries that offer the frames are at the exact point of comfort and sportiness offering the rider an increased pedaling efficiency for a longer time

Cueva develop and build your bike and send directly to you, without any wholesalers or retail outlet and that way they can offer you the best price in the market.



As you know, after the purchase, the waiting has to be minimal. So, they only work with the best carrier companies for you to receive your new Cueva in the shortest possible time.

There is nothing better than being covered directly from the brand and that is what they do. From Cueva they offer a guarantee of up to six years for all their frames and forks.

If you need further information, please don't hesitate to contact them at:





Instagram: @cueva_bikes

Facebook: Cueva Bikes


Photos courtesy of Chiara Redaschi, Yaneva Santana and Beto García.


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