Team NVAYRK La Marzocco

NVAYRK La Marzocco is a team with riders based out of London, New York, San Diego and Nagoya, we enjoyed a successful debut season racing at Red Hook Criterium Series in 2015; however we ride and race in all disciplines, sharing all our cycling experiences. We have the ambition and drive to progress in future to more races in the cycling world. 

Our race team and their performance will always be at the center of everything we do, however NVAYRK is much more than just a race team.

We have established our identity by bringing together the essence and the core of different cultures for a single project. We aspire to meet people as passionate about cycling and creativity as we are. It is a great privilege to channel all of this energy to support people who are looking to offer more to this culture, this movement and this way of life.

There’s a lot more to come and we’re extremely excited about 2019 and what lies ahead.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey. 

Team NVAYRK La Marzocco


Tori Duke is a part time Online Marketer, part time Day Trader and full time adventurer.

She takes full advantage of her ability to work from home by traveling and exploring the world #fromwhereiride. She is a firm believer of using a bike as a primary mode of transportation and is submerged in the urban cycling scene. She does everything from Alley Cats, Messenger Work, Crits, Track and Road Races to Bike Packing and Mountain Biking. If it got two wheels she’s on it. 


Michael grew up as a competitive ski racer in Colorado, the transition to bikes and the competitive environment is not an unnatural one. Though 2015 has been his first competitive season, it has gone very well and there is much more to come. Also an avid road racer, Michael trains and races road and track bikes. When not a track bike, you will find him training distance on his Tarmac, or racing in Road Races and Criteriums in NYC and the eastern seaboard.


With a MTB background, Peter grew up in Slovakia as an ice hockey player becoming a Pro, always with passion for cycling which was also part of his training program. He rode in 2015 from London (UK) to his hometown Martin (Slovakia). A total of 1769 km in 76 hours (in 9 days across 6 countries) with 18,397m of elevation gain, also 2015 was his first competitive season on track.


Being a third generation cyclist, I’ve been riding and racing since a very young age. I’ve dabbled in a bit of road and cross over the years but track racing has always been my passion. 

Having suffered with poor health throughout most of my childhood, I sadly contracted ME/CFS when I was 16 and was forced to leave school and give up cycling.  My passion for cycling never faded and I started working as a cycling coach at Herne Hill Velodrome, where I still work today. Sharing the sport I love with other people kept the fire burning inside me and as my health started to improve, I was able to gradually make my way back into the competitive side of the sport and have loved every second of it.


Chiara Redaschi: My work focuses on fashion, cycling, travel and everything that captures my attention. In 2014, I started taking photos. I love the ability to take pictures of the "little moments". The little details that I focus on make me feel like a paparazzo. My photo are meant to show my view of the world and the feelings felt captured at each moment. The photos are a reflection of myself. P.S. I love New York City, travel and food.


There are many kind of artists, and there are many ways to express yourself. Photography is my way to capture, share and eternalize that one second, sometimes passed by in front of our eyes unnoticed. I like to link things that I love, I'm passionate about. So, I'm focused on cycling photography and lifestyle. I like to shoot my subject as it could be a frame of a movie and each frame tells a story. I search for the small details, unusual stuff, interesting compositions, drama. Photography is my art.