Tomas Ledesma | Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷

Can you tell us about how you come to photography? I started with photography 4 years ago, I was always passionate about the image itself and enlightenment. Since I was a child, sunsets and sunrises were amazing for me and that was something that pushed me towards photography. Certainly, the sky was my main inspiration.

Where would be your dream destination for cycling in your country and why? I have not really toured Argentina in its entirety, since it is very big and has thousands of wonders. But definitely the Argentine south is my favorite place. With its great mountains, lakes and forests. Climbing a mountain on a bicycle is a unique experience, there not only counts speed, but dexterity, agility and endurance. It would really be a dream to be able to live there and go out every morning and ride those roads.

Best photo moment so far? In photography everything is about unique moments, which we capture through the camera making use of our own perception. I have had many unique moments, I could remark a day several years ago on the Uruguayan coast, a sunset over a river, providing the sky and water an impressive red tone. Another was in Buenos Aires, my hometown, where I captured a moment as daily as a cat drinking water and practically posing for me. In my case the best moments are the casual moments of life and nature, of which I consider myself a lover.

Life-Motto? Definitely my motto is "Live well" is something I have tattooed on me, and is the phrase that drives my days and my way of acting.

Favorite two photos you have taken recently and why? I think I could not only choose two, but I could divide it in two moments, one would be in southern Argentina, a cold afternoon on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, a lot of wind, blue ocean sky and the bustling water. And another on the route of Villa la Angostura with sharp curves and infinite plains.

What makes you stop and take a photo? Analyzing something that has attracted my attention, is usually how the light hits the scene; but the reasons may vary, as there are situations that could be normal and irrelevant for some, but for me they are fascinating and make me stop no matter what I'm doing.

Additional,  anything else you'd like to tell us? Today the term 'photographer' is being devalued, people believe that with his smartphone or his pocket camera takes a photograph and is entitled to call himself a photographer, the reality is that not everyone can become a photographer, but a photographer can be anyone. The means does not make the author, but the author with any means achieves his art. Let's never stop studying, learning, sharing, listening and giving, we can all be better at what we are passionate about and grow ourselves.

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