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Selle San Marco. The experience and the successes of a life and a heritage of nearly 80 years.

Closed in every San Marco saddle there is the history of a firm that has become the symbol of the Made in Italy.

The best of technology and design mixed for the perfection of a hand-made product. This is the philosophy that characterizes Selle San Marco saddles today, making them unique worldwide. But there is above all the history of an Italian family, that with dedication and passion has built a brand synonymous of excellence, high quality and style.

1935 | Rossano Veneto: A Myth is born

Selle San Marco is a famous and historical handmade saddles italian firm. Based in Rossano Veneto, in northeastern Italy, this small town is famous in the world thanks to the production of racing saddles. Modern saddles, but with a glorious past. Luigi Girardi was the man who made Rossano Veneto the undisputed world capital of saddles by opening Selle San Marco here nearly 80 years ago. It all began with a very simple need: the young Luigi noticed, in fact, that at that time the saddles were often very worn out and so he decided to give them a new life, through the production of seat covers made of cloth of the military coats, characterized by a considerable resistance. In 1935 he parlayed a 100-lire loan into a business distributing bicycle accessories.

1940 | The Company

In 1940, Luigi Girardi set up a bicycle saddle factory with around forty workers. The war years were difficult, but Selle San Marco prospered at selling high-quality leather saddles and the comm. Girardi got a lot of satisfactions: his company became not only a point of reference for all the bicycle industry, but also a model of business to follow.

2009 | Mantra

The word mantra comes from a combination of the two Sanskrit words manas (mind) and trayati (to free). The mantra can therefore be considered a sound able to free the mind of worries.
The San Marco Mantra draws inspiration precisely from this: freeing the mind, without any worries about comfort or style, in order to focus entirely on performance.

2013 | New Aspide - New Ergonomy

After ten years, the best seller product of Selle San Marco range - already considered aesthetically and technologically perfect - is ready for a new challenge: to be even more so. Materials, production solutions, and ergonomy had been improved. The target was to make a narrow and waved seat, really comfortable but really light for excellent performance, as the Aspide Superleggera. The lightest comfortable saddle: 109 gr or less guaranteed, thanks to the use of new materials as the PEBAX® a new generation of featherweight foam and the 40T high modul carbon shell. Designed following the concept of the New Ergonomy: an in-depth study of the anatomic shape for a perfect balance between the support zone and the relief zone in the different situation of pedalling. The big hole offers support and comfort all day long in all the riding positions but a structural stability bridge prevents unwanted flex and twist.

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Photos courtesy of Chiara Redaschi, Roman Siromakha, Cédric Bonel and Beto García.

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