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Tell us, who is SantiagoI am a boy who lives in Buenos Aires, I am 28 years old. I like to do manual things all the time, especially drawing. I am married to a beautiful girl named Carolina who accompanies me in my journey, together with our friends we form a family of artists. I like this city, there is a lot of energy, especially in bicycles.

What inspired you to start SCH? The inspiration of my project was born in a reality, goldsmith was always an art linked to everyday objects and over time it was lost, I saw that many of the daily use objects could be more beautiful, and I asked myself why not try? And that's how it all started.

Your work reflects passion for art, cycling and hand-made culture, beyond that, what you expect from public to see in your work? I hope they see something that inspires them, and to meet again with the magic of the "handmade", which is getting lost more and more between us.

Do you have any philosophy at the moment to start a project? I try to see the piece, to do what it asks me, there are a thousand ways I can choose, but surely there is one that makes that piece even more special.

With all those advances in technology, why hand-made? In the case of engraving, there is no automatic tool that allows to do the work in the same way as handmade, the lines are different, with handmade you can see the intentions, the character of the design, and you can understand a part of the craftsman's mind. Perhaps you can think that handmade has more limitations than the use of machines, but the opposite happens. Those imperfections that arise from the work done by hand end up contributing, giving warmth to the work.

Broadly, what is your creative process? The main motor of my creative process arises from the architecture of the city, Buenos Aires is a city where many types of architecture coexist, from Art Nouveau to Baroque. From there arise most of the ideas, from the proportions to the ornament. But I also look a lot at the art of Traditional Tattoo.

Life-motto: Doing things right, always aiming for “perfection”.

What do you love about cycling culture? The symbiosis between man and bicycle, end up being one.

Future plans: I do not have many plans for the future, I'm going to see where the project is takes me. To me, the main thing is to do something that inspires others.

Maybe travel a little, return to visit Italy, where I lived a few years when I was younger.

Our readers can find out more about you:

Facebook: Santiago Cuciniello Hacedor

Instagram: @sc.hacedor

 Photos courtesy of Tomas Ledesma

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