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Palu performance bicycles was founded by Alberto Battaglia in the heart of Italian cycling, Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza where he grew up competing alongside current professional riders. Being a regular competitor and passionate cyclist, allowed him to develop a broad knowledge of brands, components and details which make a great bicycle. The passion for cycling is the drive behind Palu and the aim is to make high quality cycling products available worldwide to promote the sport of cycling.

They not only build and sell high quality custom race bikes. Palu also regularly represents cycling shop owners in the buying process. They arrange deals on their behalf with European (Italy) and even Asian manufacturers. If you are interested and want to know more about what we they do for you. Send them a message and they will be happy to talk about the endless possibilities.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start Palu Bicycles?

I’m Alberto and grew up in Bassano del Grappa in Vicenza where I competed in Elite races alongside friends current professional riders. It was a great time and no better way to create my interest and passion for cycling. I decided to stop competing but I was fortunate to develop my knowledge about bicycles and the maintenance side of it. It was then that the idea for PALU was born.

How did your move to London, now 5 years ago, benefitted you and the business?

It opened a whole set of new opportunities for me. One of them being coordinator of the Parc Fermè at the Red Hook fixed gear crit Series for a couple of years now. This has been a great way to put my bicycle knowledge to good use, help the competitors and spread the PALU word at the same time.

In terms of business it’s been great. Last year we've renewed the Palu website and launched our web-shop. Technology wise that was a steep learning curve but if you can help people to find their dream bike in the end, or build one for them, it makes everything worthwhile.

Talking of dream bikes, what’s yours?

Pinarello Dogma F10 but I can't hyde a serious attraction for the S-Works Venge Vias, Peter Sagan's bike!

What are your views on the cycling culture in general?

I am a big fan of road races, when I can I spend hours watching them on the telly which makes me thinking how Cycling is expanding worldwide, this fact is just unbelievable! A viral addiction! My view of cycling also projected towards the touring side too thank to a friend who introduced me this awesome parallel world (this guy is currently riding across India/Bangladesh/Thailand and he crossed south America on the Tandem twice). When I can, I travel some long routes around pretty much random destinations around the world, depends by where inspires me to go in that period… for instance I rode from London to Paris, from Faro to Tarifa, I rode around the entire Taiwanese island, a little bit of Thailand, I went back to my hometown in Italy from London out of 6 days (that time I really pushed myself to the limit!)… It’s a great way to ride, you get to meet a lot of people and it’s simply the best way to enjoy the actual view of a long journey, there’s a little bit of a spiritual thing going on inside my mind too… #cyclingconnects

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