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As a family business, Oxeego inherited the values of the traditional Italian culture, based on commitment, work, research and innovation. They work in order to create quality products with respect of the tradition founded on human values and based on the principle of caring for people.

They invest on research to ensure maximum benefit for the skin, the muscles and the entire lymphatic system and blood, making the sport activity more powerful. Their goal is to commit with the ones who love themselves, taking care of their active lifestyle, their bodies, by creating scientifically tested products, handly manufactured and great to wear.


OxeeO² Technology

Allows the reflection of infrared energy issued by our body, giving it back with a different wavelength improving physical activity and recovery. 

Antibacterial Technology

Thanks to the strong antibacterial and antimicrobial function is possible to contrast the environment adapt to bacteria's development and the consequent bad odors happening.

During every type of sports activity, excluding aquatic sports, the foot receives uncountable solicitations, given by the gestures they imply, by the sock, by the shoe and by the ground where the activity is practiced on. Some alterations of the sock or the shoe do not permit the right grip on the ground, causing important skin damages like blisters or lesions given by rubbing the foot with the shoe where to be blamed are socks that create slipperiness.

OxeeO², with its innovative technology, permits a reduction of damages to the skin and a better stability of the foot and the leg, also stimulating the microcycle and reducing the excessive heating of the part, maintaining a constant temperature. The union of this yarn to Oxeego Antibacterial technology, with strong antibacterial power, can reduce the risk of super infections given by fungus, so called "athlete's foot", often due to the excessive heating and the poor tissue oxygenation that imply the composition of it.

The particular construction of the Oxeego sock with proper support areas make this sock not a simple garment, but an essential tool while practicing sports. Paired up with right shoes, this sock is the key for improving sports performances, with a "cool-down" effect on the foot, a reduction of the risks of infections and skin lesions; with its support zones, it reduces the presence of micro traumas on the metatarsus zone and local traumas due to the movement of the frontal tab of the shoe and the rubbing of the ties on the skin.

For sportsman who suffer from hyperhidrosis, Oxeego can reduce the risks of maceration and fissuring of the skin that can happen especially after an intense and prolonged activity, thanks to its absorbing power.

The combined action of OxeeO² and Oxeego Antibacterial technologies means:

MORE ENERGY: The exclusive mix of natural and inorganic materials of the yarns present in the Oxeego sock, allows the reflection of infrared energy issued by our body, giving it back with a different wavelength,penetrating more deeply, improving physical activity and recovery.

OXYGENATION: The energy reflected is re-addressed towards the foot's tissue reactivates the regulation mechanism of the blood microcycle with consequent increment of the skin's oxygenation.

In healthy subjects, the oxygenation can improve from 10% to 24%.

HYDRATION: Oxeego helps avoiding dry and irritated skin, thanks to its special structure Soft touch and to the regulation of humidity. Oxeego can also be used by people with sensitive skin like elderly and children.

TEMPERATURE REGULATION: The union between the two yarns in the Oxeego sock, helps the body temperature regulation in every situation, thanks to the increasing of the blood's microcycle and to the absorption of humidity in the treated area.

ANTIBACTERIAL: Thanks to the  strong antibacterial and antimicrobial function of chitin* molecules contained in Oxeego's yarns, it is possible to contrast the environment adapt to bacteria's development and the consequent bad odors happening

* organic molecule used since many years in the medical, sanitary and pharmaceutical fields.

SWEAT REGULATION: Oxeego's items containing chitin have a very high capacity of absorption (30 times its weight) and are particularly adapted to be used directly on the skin, guaranteeing a high comfort level and leaving the treated area dry, even in stressing situations.

If you need further information, please don't hesitate to contact them at: info@oxeego.com 

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Photos courtesy of Chiara Redaschi, Daniele Roversi, Gophrette Power and Beto García.

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