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Being a third generation cyclist, Euan have been riding and racing since a very young age. He have dabbled in a bit of road and cross over the years but track racing has always been his passion.

Having suffered with poor health throughout most of his childhood, he sadly contracted ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) when he was 16 and was forced to leave school and give up cycling. His passion for cycling never faded and he started working as a cycling coach at Herne Hill Velodrome, where he still work today. Sharing the sport he love with other people kept the fire burning inside he and as his health started to improve, he was able to gradually make his way back into the competitive side of the sport and have loved every second of it.

Who's Euan? I’ve been involved in cycling my whole life. My granddad raced, my dad raced, my brother raced, so it was only natural that I did too. The older I get the more I seem to love the sport. I work as a cycling coach and get to share the sport I love with new people. Offering people that little bit of escapism means the world to me. I’m not the luckiest guy in the world and often struggle with various health conditions but I’ve always been a racer at heart and I always come back fighting.



What's passion for cycling for you? Cycling offers you so much. The places your bike can take you and the people you meet along the way. I love everything, from the simplicity of just getting out on your bike and exploring, right down to the complex intricacies of high level racing.



How did you get into track bikes and NVAYRK Team? I first rode a track bike when I was 8 and have always loved the sensation you get from riding a fixed gear bike. In terms of NVAYRK, I’ve been really close friends on and off the bike with team mate Chaz for a number of years. I regularly race alongside Chaz, Peter and Fede and having become firm friends with all three, they were really passionate about getting me involved. It was the support, warmth and positivity that really drew me to get involved with the team. I owe those guys a lot, without them I would never have had the confidence to try something new.



What does represent NVAYRK for you? For me, NVAYRK is the coming together of people with similar passions and ideals. It’s a collection of people who move with their eyes and their minds open. Positivity is everything to me and everyone I meet along the way seems to share in this mindset. When it comes down to racing there’s no egos, no stresses, no pressure. Lining up for my first Red Hook final in London was the most relaxed I’ve ever been before the start of a race and that’s all down to the positive attitude that NVAYRK sets.  



Thanks to… Thanks to my friends, teammates and fellow racers who celebrate my achievements with me but are also there to look after me when my health gets in the way. Huge thanks to all our like-minded sponsors and collaborators who we get to share these experiences with. Biggest thanks of all though… my father.



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