Elisa Scarlatta | Biella, Italy 🇮🇹

I am Elisa, on the social networks known as Chery BomBom. I am 31 years old, 20 on my bicycle! I am a mother of two children and I live in the province of Biella in northern Italy in a small village.

I approached to cycling thanks to my family, my grandfather was a former professional cyclist and my dad, also racer, put me on my first bike at the age of 11.


I started riding on the street and track, we were only a few guys passionate about cycling and we do not mention girls... practically none! When I reached the category "allievi" I had to join teams in Turin because where there were some more girls!



I think cycling it's a sport where fatigue is king, I still enjoy it that way, to bring my strength to the limit and understand that I can always do it even when I seem to be "done".



Although I have competed for many years, my mind is open not only to racing, but I have also learned to appreciate the cyclist who rides by passion only, where there is no challenge or competition, for those who go out only to enjoy the landscape, to drink a coffee in company, exchanging ideas and opinions on their bikes simply to share the passion.


In short, cycling is open to everyone and the freedom that gives you when you are on the saddle is unique!



Italy offers very varied routes, in the area where I live I can find from flat roads, to ascent and descent ones, I love pedaling uphill tho... with my weight of 42 kg certainly I could not be a “passista”!


In fact, when I approached the “criterium” world I understood that it was not for me! 😆


But if I can recommend a place to go to by bike... you MUST go to the Dolomites, there you will find a paradise!



I notice with pleasure more and more girls on the pedals; but to be honest, to go out on the bike with the ruthless boys has always made me stronger!


Future projects? Those must never be lacking, but “water in the mouth can not be revealed!” 😉



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  • Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
    PS: How are you? I am from France :)

    • Mixspeni
  • Perché chi pedala oggigiorno si fa i tattoo? È così bella la pelle..

    • Mario
  • It was good to read this story about you, i too love cycling. I am 51 yrs old, i starting cycling again 7 yrs dgo after having problems with my knees after yrs of rugby and running. I wish i started cycling decades ago now as i think its a great way to keep fit and test yourself. Also it’s great to get out and be stress free, i’m lucky that i live very close to the Lake District in England.

    • Derek
  • Condivido la passione x La bici l’ha tua storia mi ha commosso 💪👍

    • Danilo
  • Condivido la passione x La bici l’ha tua storia mi ha commosso 💪👍

    • Danilo