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Duratec, Ltd. is a Czech company based on their own development and production of handmade bicycle frames made of aluminium alloys and composite materials. A very individual approach to the customer is the basic philosophy of this company. Their goal is to make the perfect bicycle in cooperation with the customer. It is easier to imagine having a suit tailored than having a bicycle frame tailor-made or having a custom-made bicycle built. However, the right size, right frame geometry and optimized seating position will affect not only your performance, but also your health and riding delight.

The history of the company dates back to 1987 when Milan Duchek came up with an idea to build bicycle frames. At that time as a 17-year-old student he tried to improve his bicycle. He started adjusting a steel frame with hand saw and propane burner.

His aim was to transform a F12 bicycle into a racing bicycle. And that was the moment when the first idea was born. It all took place in a family house cellar where various self-made bicycle parts were produced. Then, parts were at least a rarity and they arouse great interest among the racers of the same age. They wanted to have the same gadgets as Milan did and it was the time when demands started to cumulate. It was a period of communist regime and the idea to run a business was out of the question. In 1990 Milan was called up to perform military service and when he returned home, his ideas were so clear that he threw himself into taking first steps with the aim to manufacture frames and bicycles.

Duratec Development Center is a very important part of custom-made frames and bicycles. It controls the field of frames development, manufacturing technologies development and last but not least composites processing. Looking globally at the Duratec Company, they can state that a small garage-based company founded in 1997 became a stable frame-producing company that competes with the leasing manufacturers of bicycles on the international market. The company supplies the domestic market and about 60% of its production is exported to EU countries and beyond.

Innovation is the essential element for achieving original and characteristic design of their products. DURATEC regards itself an innovative firm from the beginning of its existence. It has always tried to provide absolutely different perception of riding than that of mass production bikes. Of course, it means no materials and tubing offered by sometimes even renowned manufacturers, but research and development of own frame sets. The fact that designers chose the right direction was shown in practical tests carried out by racers who confirmed high frame stiffness. It was evident mostly during uphill riding and sharp acceleration. Well, it is the hills and fast starts that decide race results.

The development of frame sets is still in progress but from the first tube drawing, designers and engineers have made out a number of solutions improving a technical quality of their products. Duratec is focused on development from composite materials, that are the most important material in production. The range of products is very innovative thanks method AFCF (accurately fitted continuous fiber) that is completely developed by Duratec. AFCF is so evolutional that Duratec is proud of own designers who are able to think something technical impressive as model Cult CR3.

If you need further information, please don't hesitate to contact them at: duratec@duratec.cz

Website: www.duratec.cz
Instagram: @duratecbikes
Facebook: DURATEC, s.r.o.

Photos courtesy of Chiara Redaschi, Yaneva Santana, Sam Dunn, Gophrette Power, Silvia Galliani, Brazo de Hierro and Beto García.

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  • Is it possible to have one of your older bikes manufactured the RX3 in blue

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