Dave Noakes | Devon, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Ex messenger turned fixie poser who loves riding and racing bikes.


What inspired you to start cycling?

I had a mate that worked as a bike messenger in London and thought it seemed like a fun job, I initially started whilst at university but eventually after I graduated I just carried on riding. It was good money back then and the scene was awesome, that’s what kickstarted my interest in cycling.



Tell us a little about the cycling culture in the UK:

Honestly I’m not sure, I’ve been riding track bikes since 2002 and I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. Fixies became popular, then FGFS, then racing... they all have a moment in the spotlight then the money drys up when brands realise that the sport isn’t as trendy as they thought. Riders stop getting free stuff so they give up riding and you’re left with the few dedicated riders that do it for the love.



London seems to have a good road scene, there are a good bunch of riders that are all doing stuff. There’s little support for growth by British Cycling and the official cycling views seem quite outdated. Although there are a lot of active riders trying to make some changes let’s see if all those old people at BC will listen.



What is unique about cycling in your city and what do you recommend to a cyclist who is going there?

I live in a small village in Devon, it’s proper countryside and I love it. You can visit the moors and the sea in the same ride. The thing I would recommend to a cyclist visiting is gears and a compact chainset!



What is it like racing with the NLTCBMBC?

Awesome, I love representing a team that’s so active. I think they embody what the scene is about. It’s about racing bikes and having fun, they organise events to keep the scene alive. Did I mention they are all rad...and they all love pizza!


Best cycling moment so far?

Cycling across Japan for my honeymoon.



Favorite race and why?

Thundercrit and Minet Crit. I like the grassroots feel and vibe of these events. The Red Hook Crit has got so huge with its crazy sponsored teams, pros being paid to race the event, in my opinion it has slightly lost its mojo, now with the uncertainty if events are even happening it’s all gone massively downhill. Races don’t have to be world famous in order to be successful, the atmosphere at events such as the Thundercrit can’t be matched.




Be excellent to each other! - Bill and Ted


What do you love about the cycling culture?  




Is there anything you’d like to see improve in the cycling community?

RHC to stop messing people about and just let people know what’s going on. Run the race series like a series, it’s too big to be so disorganised.


Future plans?

I’m not that organised.



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