Cycling Connects S2 - Episode 3: IT IS AN EXPERIMENT, IT IS A GAME

Cycling connects, and this episode is no exception. For this installment, cycling and coffee made us connect with El Apapacho, an incredible coffee community in Querétaro, México, that revolves around coffee and bicycles; always guided by an ethical and responsible mindset, a laboratory of ideas always in a constant and organic evolution. And of course, a project of this nature can only be guided by people with a great vision around these two worlds, in this case @maudelapapachocangrejo and @renatamtzf, who shared their inspiring story in which they explain us how we only need a couple from "simple elements" to build something complex and endearing, something that is not easy to express in words. We feel honored and fortunate to be able to document and share their story.

🎥 in collaboration with Fer de los Monteros




Cycling Connects is presented by La Marzocco

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