Chiara Redaschi | Novara, Italy 🇮🇹

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself: Hellooooo, so, first of all, I love love love New York, travel and food (I’m Italian, so). I’m a photographer and my work focuses on cycling, fashion, travel and  everything that captures my attention. I’m currently living in Italy.

2. Can you tell us a little bit about how you come to photography? I started going to bike races in 2013 and I went my first Red Hook Crit in Milan back in 2012. And after a while, in 2014, I started documenting it, but at the beginning photography wasn't something so deep like now, it was more for keep me busy, you know! But at his point, photography became a huge part of my life.

3. Where would be your dream destination for cycling in Italy and why? Foreword, I'm not a cyclist, yet. But  I like the area of mountains, and going to shooting there is something amazing. I went to Mottarone last year in July, and trust me it was stunning. So yeah, definitely mountains.

4. What do you love about cycling culture? The fact that we are a HUGE family and we support each other all the time, no matter what.

5. Best photo moment so far? Hahaha actually it’s not what you call a “best moment”, but for sure the Stage 15 at Giro d’Italia, where I was almost mowed down by of an Astana team rider (Luis Sánchez) during the climb at the Boccola.

6. Life-Motto? Eat, ride your bike, take photos and repeat.

7. Favorite two photos you have taken recently and why? Uff, it’s not so easy! But maybe the first one, a photo of Nibali during the last stage at Giro this year. And second one, a photo of Pierre Rolland during the stage 15 at the Boccola, Bergamo during the same Giro.

8. What makes you stop and take a photo? The emotions, feelings. Those things around that make a connection with me.

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