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It has been more than 20 years since the production of the first helmet made in Spain in the Catlike factory. They are proud to be the only cycling helmet producer in the Spanish territory and from day one, Catlike has followed its own path. From the original Airlock helmet to today's pro-proven Mixino and Cloud352, its designs have stood out in a pack, and with good reason. From shedding grams to slimming the profile and improving ventilation, no detail is overlooked in the pursuit of the ultimate cycling equipment.

Artisan experience combined with the latest technological innovations have created unique products which represent Catlike in the world market. Thanks to the commitment of Catlike people and the continual renovations in order to improve the factory, today, they are able to produce for more than 45 countries around the world.

In addition to design and also in contrast to the majority of Catlike’s competitors, Catlike continues to believe in the “Made in Spain” philosophy, offering consumers products of the highest quality. It's more than a point of national pride, however, as it has given Catlike closer control over quality. So you're guaranteed to get product that lives up to the Catlike name.

This single-minded focus, paired with extensive in-house testing facilities, has resulted in the latest generation of Catlike helmets being lighter and cooler than their predecessors. Of course the distinctive appearance remains a constant—a result of the relentless focus on building the best possible equipment for cyclists.

Cloud352 Helmet


The Cloud352 is a bike helmet that incorporates the “Dual AEROSystem” technology that allows it to adapt to the environment thanks to the interchangeable shells that give the helmet extra possibilities. The Cloud 352 was created for cyclists and triathletes that seek to maximize their performance while gaining superior aerodynamics without sacrificing excellent ventilation.



This system achieves the highest aerodynamic load in all kinds of situations. Maintains optimum ventilation under all weather conditions. The Catlike R&D department has studied the design of different shells to create the covers of its new model Cloud352. Catlike creates the first helmet with interchangeable shells: the 352 holes of the Breathable Reticulated Shell allow greater ventilation while retaining aerodynamics; while the VeloDrom Shell improves aerodynamics and retains the Dual Flow system, two air channels that serve to cool the head during exercise.




EPS is a 100% recyclable material that is characterized by being extraordinarily light, resistant and with great capacity of thermal and antibacterial insulation. PPE is an eco-friendly, recyclable, versatile and flexible plastic foam capable of withstanding multiple impacts without damage.


MPS eVo (Multi Position System Evolution)

The innovative retention system MPS (Multi-Position-System) allows optimizing the comfort of the helmet thanks to its 4 points adjustment systems. Designed to adapt to any head size.




Thermy-Tex is a permanent antibacterial and super absorbent treatment that interrupts the development and reproduction of bacteria. It stops the formation of odors, absorbs the sweat quickly and is totally breathable and washable.



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Photos courtesy of Chiara Redaschi, Quique Bueno, María Masó and Beto García.





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