Carlo Bonetti | Garda Trentino, Italy 🇮🇹

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Carlo Bonetti, I live in North Italy between Garda Lake and Brenta Dolomites, amidst a spectacular scenery of lakes and mountains. This has helped to increase the desire to explore and learn about these fantastic places, especially by bike.


Raised as a graphic and web designer, now I own and run, a new apparel brand focused on cycling, running and outdoor.



What inspired you to start cycling?

Undoubtedly the places where I grew up inspired my approach to cycling, the charme of the discovery hidden corners just outside home, the legendary Alpine passes not far away and the friends with whom I share effort, joy and pain.



Tell us a little about the cycling culture in Garda Trentino:

Here in Garda Trentino cycling culture has a traditional imprint, many teams are focused on competitions with awful kits full of logos and sponsors. Our territory then has a conformation that prefers and is more congenial to mountain biking, in fact thousands of tourists every year invade paths and trails in the area.



What is unique about cycling in your city?

You can ride along the lake or climb steep roads up to 2,000 meters in less than 20km!


What do you recommend to a cyclist who is going to Italy?

Obviously the good food! A lunch in a typical tavern is the best thing that can be done after a ride.



Best cycling moment so far?

Tuscany road, 600km across Tuscany, was the bench test for my first true long distance ride in solitude and self-sufficiency and the recurring Rapha Festive500 during xmas time.


Favorite ride?

The classic ring-ride just outside home towards Lake Valley, never tires me, 40km with completely different scenarios.




Towards The North, my personal reinterpretation of "Whatever your mind can conceive and can believe, it can achieve."


What do you love about cycling culture?

I love the bond that's created with those who share the effort on the pedals, cycling has the power to introduce different kind of people and create strong friendship.



Is there anything you’d like to see improve in the cycling community?

Personally I'd like the adventure cycling catch more on the two wheels world, but we are already on track.



Future plans? Explore, explore and explore. Don't know where but i want to get lost somewhere with my bike.


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