Boundless Vol. 1

We know the power of photography to connect us to our world, a world filled with glorious images that we use to tell our stories. Photograph has a very strong power on people. It makes people think in different ways. In addition, different people will have different feelings, attitude about the pictures. These photographers uses imagery, humor, allusions to get their point across that photography connects people across the world.

Photography is their way of slowing down time and freezing a single moment in time; a way to remember the time that the photograph was taken. A boundless way to feel all of those feelings again. A boundless way to live in a memory.

These people are not trying to show of their skills, they're using photos to tell the story of their everyday life.

In this Vol. 1 we are sharing 5 awesome photographers that are immensely inspiring and we highly recommend you check them ALL out!

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Boundless Vol 1 S/S 2016 
Cover Photo / Brazo de Hierro
Back Cover Photo / Sam Dunn
NVAYRK / Beto García
Art Direction / Fátima Lázaro
Photographers Volume 1
Mario Cranks
Chiara Redaschi
Brazo de Hierro
Björn Lexius
Sam Dunn




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